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1995 Ford Escort RS2000MK6

Joint MSA Drivers~Jeff B/Darren B

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Ready for MLR

motorsportPosted by Jeff Thu, July 21, 2011 21:52:15

Ok the RS is now ready for the next session,all studs sorted and we are all out for suspension/brake testing.....aint saying nothing.smiley

We are going to use this as a test day,with alot of feedback from Darren at the helm.All input will hopefully be used for 2012 MSA use.

The twin humped mk5/6 modded bonnet will be dispenced with and I`ve gone back to the standard one that I have cut all the internal metal work out of to lighten it,just needs some bonnet pins fitted that have been ordered,internal has been sprayed matt black and its on the car.Its made it very flimsy but the difference in weight is amazing,as weighed its half the weight of standard shaving off 9.5 kg of useless metal just being dragged about on track.

If anyone wants to purchase the other one make me an offer via email.It needs a slight tweak around the humps and spraying in your own colour.

Origanal bonnet in the process of being attacked with angle grinder.~

How it ended up