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Rs2k Studs

motorsportPosted by Jeff Sat, July 16, 2011 20:21:12

Pulled the dodgy hub and carrier from her on Thursday,a quick dismantle and drove out the hub out of the carrier as had no access because of the abs ring to fit the new studs,this in turn means you really need to fit new bearings either side at the same time,I drove out the old studs and fitted new,as I don`t have a bleeding great press here I took it round to Croft Street garage "Daves place" and he kindly supplied and pressed new bearings in for me and pressed the hub back in for me along with the abs all for £10~now that is mates rates.It was also noticed on dismantling that the inner bearing was slack anyway,so a good job all round me thinks.

Picked it all up Friday morning from him then shot off down to Falmouth to pick this up with the trailer,450 mile round trip lol.

Think Aide was happy.