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1995 Ford Escort RS2000MK6

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motorsportPosted by Jeff Mon, July 04, 2011 19:40:06

Been a member here for a while now as you can see by my car grfx`s,may I take the oppertunity to invite any Ford fanatic along there,you will find a very great bunch of people on the forum.

Welsh Ford Club meets are brimming with enthusiastic owners,justlook at RSCombe 2011 where a bunch of Clown Cosworth Owners thought "we will take that stand over as they aint got any members" were booted off when Weshford arrived enmass convoy lmao.

Fastford features for pure different cars...its all happening there.Its my new home as I have the build up there.

I got a good feel for the RS2K at RS Combe and now know where to make a few odd changes to enhance things for next time,car was very stable in the bends and predictable in the straights,engine was pulling strong ,no brake fade,very pleased with the present setup.