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1995 Ford Escort RS2000MK6

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RSCombe 2011

motorsportPosted by Jeff Sun, July 03, 2011 19:56:41

Well its been and gone another hot day,too hot behind the wheel and dissaster struck on the 4th session

Last run with FEC "Ford Escort Club"Grafix all now been removed as I am no longer affiliated with that club unfortunately ....Good luck FEC...for the future.

On we go~

probems after 4th session.Yikes.

found that all the studs had stretched on the front wheels,so game over,bought a new set on circuit from Merlin Motorsport,but could not budge them,needed a puller that I did not have to take the hub off the bearings.

I knew something was amiss as the steering wheel was shaking like the wheels were out of balance 2 laps in.

All 16 studs will be replaced as soon as poss.

Just a warning to all,trackdays/sprints ect take it out of studs,this caught me out,bare in mind the cars only done 62k from new.As recommended change all of them every year.

Next trackday MLR trackday @Combe yet again lol where me and Darren will share the day,for comparison,suspension setups ect.

How she was when Fast Ford Camara man decended on her,pretty well dumped with the nearside wheel problem in the trackday pit,no interest in her by 1.00 pm,so wandered off looking at static bling...boring.By 3.30 pm I was heading home.